I often stumble upon some really impressive and innovative websites, probably designed by some super creative web designers – most of them are architects’ websites.
I wouldn’t call them successful however. If visitors have to solve a riddle in order to navigate, then something is definitely wrong with a website.
“Good design is not just what it looks and what it feels like, but how it works”.
This step by step guide will help you design a website that works.

Making websites that people will find easy to use – websites that encourage people to convert – is not about creativity. It’s about planning. And research. And putting the end user ahead of the design.

02. The customer acquisition funnel

Create a plan to engage users with relevant content, ask them to convert with a compelling call to action, make the conversion process easy, and follow up regularly. Create focus to help guide the user. Developing the customer acquisition funnel is what makes a website a business tool rather than just a pretty picture. Design that does not drive results is not good design.

03. Content development

Understand that the design is the fun part for the client. The content is the hard part. Largely because of this, it’s also the number one thing that can hold up a project. These are the reasons that a complete version of website content should be developed before the designs begin.

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