A lot of people think that freelancing is easy.
You are your own boss, you have all the freedom you want, you work on what you like and money come without much effort.
Although it’s great to be a freelancer, it’s not as comfortable and effortless as it may seem.
You need to follow rules if you want to run your business effectively and successfully.

1. Start thinking like a business instead of a person

Your business doesn’t care that you’re scared of pitching a new client, that you’re afraid of raising your rates or that you don’t feel like doing the work today.

You need to stop thinking like an employee and think like a business owner.

You can’t allow yourself to be driven by how you feel in the moment.

There’s so much to learn and we tend to think that we need to do everything that’s being said out there on the internet.

Just because you can get customers through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, e-mail, Google Adwords, the phonebook, etc. doesn’t mean you have to.

All successful businesses understand that they can’t do everything which is why they only focus their limited attention on the lowest hanging fruits.


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