Today it’s easier than ever to advertise your business to a targeted audience without spending much money. ($8 a week is not that much!)
You just have to do it right and have realistic expectations.
In the following article 3 ad strategies are described, all you have is to choose the best for your business.

Strategy #1: The one that gets you sales

It might surprise you that this expert recommends only running these type of ads to warm or hot traffic (aka, people who have had some interaction with your business.)

Ok, you might be wondering: why would I pay money to advertise to people who already know me? Isn’t this supposed to be about getting in front of new people?

Here’s the problem: people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Strategy #3: The one that introduces you to more people

You might feel hesitant to spend money to put your blog posts in front of people, and I get that. My favorite part about this whole thing is that we’re not talking about a lot of money — as Claire breaks down in our interview, you can make this work with $8 a week.

Bonus: you can run ads with different pieces of content over the course of a few weeks and measure what lands most with people.

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