Keeping your best clients for life has a lot of advantages.
You work repeatedly for people you like and have a great communication.
Plus, your existing clients are happy to refer you to others.
This is what every freelancer is dreaming of.
This article describes 2 simple ways to make your “dream clients” stick to you.


The coolest part is, you only have to nail one of them (but if you can do both, you’re really set!).

And your competition is powerless. They can’t do anything to steal your clients away from you, even if they offer better pricing or a faster turnaround.

If you’re absolutely top-notch, the clients that value your second-to-none craftsmanship will be clients for life.

They just won’t settle for anything less.

This is why people happily wait for a table at an amazing restaurant instead of choosing the average one down the street with immediate seating.

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