This list is a must read for every freelancer.
Freelancing is great, but it’s not easy!
You are your own boss, that means nobody will tell you what you’re doing wrong but your poor results.
Knowing your weak points is the only way to constantly improving and becoming a successful professional.

3. Billing per the hour.

Why would you punish yourself for getting a job done quickly? Charging by the hour means if you take 12 hours to do a 15 hour project, you are losing money.

5. Saying yes to everything. It’s okay to say no. Sometimes you don’t want to take on a project because it doesn’t pay enough, or because your morals go against it.
Clients will respect you more when you can be disciplined enough to say “no.”

11. Lacking courage. As a freelancer, you will have to constantly be selling your services. Be confident that you can do a good job for your client and show of your work whenever you can.

12. Lacking education/ability. The truth of the matter is there are a lot of “freelancers” who simply freelance because they lack the necessary skills to work for an agency.

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