January 2017

Avoid Burnout by Evaluating New Opportunities as A Freelancer

Our time and energy are limited. Even if we want, we cannot accomplish everything we’re asked to and it’s impossible to please everyone. Some people however, tire themselves to exhaustion only because they are unable to say “no”. If you are… Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Freelance Website More Interactive

Making a first great impression is crucial to grab people’s attention and stand out in a competitive market. Engaging your visitors with an interactive website is a first step to turn them into clients or employers. This really helpful post… Continue Reading →

Empathy: The Secret Ingredient to Freelance Business Success

Many business owners and service based freelancers, make this huge mistake. They don’t listen to their clients. They are so excited about their services and products, that they don’t pay much attention to their prospects’ needs and desires. You cannot… Continue Reading →

How Value-Based Pricing Revitalized My Freelance Creative Business and My Self-Worth

I’ve read this somewhere and it’s so true: “If you’re charging per hour and not per project, the more experienced and quicker you become the less you’ll earn!” This isn’t fair, is it? Clients don’t buy the time you spend… Continue Reading →

How to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Perfectly Positioned Content

A few days ago, discussing with a client who seemed to be an interesting person and we had a lot in common, I realized that during the last years I have worked for some wonderful people, that we shared the… Continue Reading →

Don’t Be a Feast or Famine Freelancer

A lot of freelancers have the wrong idea about marketing. They believe it is something they’ll do once and it’ll keep bringing results forever. This is a common misconception that may cost you money and clients. This post is a… Continue Reading →

3 Rules You Must Set for Yourself to Thrive as A Freelancer

A lot of people think that freelancing is easy. You are your own boss, you have all the freedom you want, you work on what you like and money come without much effort. Although it’s great to be a freelancer,… Continue Reading →

Killer Freelance Pitch Decks Have These 5 Things in Common

Doing great work and providing quality services is not enough, if you cannot communicate your value to your audience. A lot of professionals don’t pay much attention to the way the present their business to others. Actually, some of them… Continue Reading →

The Simple Secret to Getting More Word-of-Mouth Referrals

I have a neighbor, I still have no idea what exactly his job is. Every time I ask I end up more confused than before. I don’t know if his profession is so complicated or if he’s unable to describe… Continue Reading →

3 Big Facebook Ad Strategies for Any Level of Freelance Business

Today it’s easier than ever to advertise your business to a targeted audience without spending much money. ($8 a week is not that much!) You just have to do it right and have realistic expectations. In the following article 3… Continue Reading →

3 Things to Do When Freelance Business Is Slow

Being a freelancer is a full-time occupation. Even when you are not overbooked with client work it doesn’t mean you don’t have things to do. Actually, when business is slow, you have the opportunity to work on personal projects and… Continue Reading →

The Freelancer’s Guide to Handling Clients Who Haggle

This is a great article to read if you often feel uncomfortable when clients ask you to lower your prices. Understanding the reasons why clients haggle in the first place, will make it easier for you to handle their objections…. Continue Reading →

5 Email Scripts For Following Up When a Client Is Unresponsive

“Why do prospective clients disappear after I send my proposal? And what should I do to make them respond to my emails? How can I follow up, without being too pushy?” This article gives answers to all these questions and… Continue Reading →

Think Beyond Social: Why You Should Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Freelance Business

Once every month the traffic to my blog and website increases by 100%. It’s the day my email newsletter is delivered. There are many reasons why email marketing is the most effective form of marketing for any small business owners…. Continue Reading →

5 Lessons I Learned Tracking My Freelance Pitches for a Year

Many young freelancers feel very disappointed and discouraged when their pitch is rejected. They falsely believe that they’re doing something totally wrong, this is why they don’t hear back from a prospect after having send their proposal. This article reveals… Continue Reading →

How to Come Up With Exciting Freelance Business Ideas in 3 Steps

Although many people think that brilliant ideas will come to them while they sit and wait or in their dreams, actually there’s a process that leads to innovation and creativity. We must work, test and probably fail a few times,… Continue Reading →

6 Reasons Your Website Costs You Freelance Clients (and How to Fix It)

It’s 100% sure that a lousy brand image can sabotage your business and cost you clients! I’ve written a whole post about it. Your website is your #1 marketing and client attracting tool. Therefore, you must be really careful with… Continue Reading →

Why Most Freelance Productivity Tips Fail (and How to Overcome That)

If you usually start the New Year with ambitious business plans, only to give up disappointed a few weeks later, then this tutorial is for you. It examines the main reasons why productivity tips fail and gives some great advice… Continue Reading →

Why Your Small Freelance Business Needs a Content Strategy & How to Make One

A lot of freelancers and small business owners believe that doing great work is all they need to attract clients. Well, it’s not as simple as that! You may know that the services you offer are top class, but your… Continue Reading →

Why Successful Freelancers Need to Outsource

Being a solopreneur and doing everything on your own can be exhausting! Sooner or later, if you want to grow your business, you’ll need to hire someone. This is not the only reason however, you should consider outsourcing tasks to… Continue Reading →

My Top 7 Secrets to Running A (Super-Successful) Creative Business

Is it possible to run a successful business and get many things done without feeling exhausted at the end of the day? Being a freelancer or/and an entrepreneur you need to develop a system that will keep you creative and… Continue Reading →

The Value of Your Freelance Time: How Much Is an Hour Worth to You?

Time is money. If you want to run a profitable business, it’s really necessary to know what your time is worth. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing money or working to exhaustion. This is a problem for a lot of freelancers… Continue Reading →

14 Freelance Design Mistakes You Might Be Guilty of

This list is a must read for every freelancer. Freelancing is great, but it’s not easy! You are your own boss, that means nobody will tell you what you’re doing wrong but your poor results. Knowing your weak points is… Continue Reading →

How to Trick Yourself into Freelance Creative Career Success

This inspiring article offers some really useful advice and motivation to start working for your success. What personally helped me the most are #2 Start today and #5 Never give up. But, all of them are precious and insightful and… Continue Reading →

5 Surefire Ways to Acquire High-Paying Freelance Clients

Working for everybody isn’t always the best way to run a profitable business. Actually, too much work can drain your energy, affecting the quality of your services. If you are really good at what you’re doing you increase your chances… Continue Reading →

How to Attract More Freelance Clients with Better SEO

This is an easy to understand and follow guide, written for non experts. Well, you must have a website or blog! But if Search Engine Optimization seems like the most complicated thing, this article will make it a bit easier… Continue Reading →

2 Simple Ways to Keep Your Best Freelance Clients for Life

Keeping your best clients for life has a lot of advantages. You work repeatedly for people you like and have a great communication. Plus, your existing clients are happy to refer you to others. This is what every freelancer is… Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Planning a Successful Website

I often stumble upon some really impressive and innovative websites, probably designed by some super creative web designers – most of them are architects’ websites. I wouldn’t call them successful however. If visitors have to solve a riddle in order… Continue Reading →

5 Questions to Help Freelancers Charge What They’re Worth

New freelancers often ask what they should charge. And the most common reply is: “Charge what you’re worth!” Well, nobody can answer this question for you. We all have different needs and expectations, e.g. it depends on where you live…. Continue Reading →

The Secret to Building A Steady Income as A Freelancer

Freelancing can be great, but there are some disadvantages. Insecurity is probably the worst one. You can never be 100% sure about your income. What about next month? Will you be busy enough to pay your bills? This article gives… Continue Reading →

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