When dealing with customers, most problems occur because of misunderstandings.
Although we all know written contracts are necessary, it seems that a lot of freelancers and business owners start working without having signed an agreement.
This article outlines the benefits of a contract and gives you options in order to be protected, even when you are hired for a small job.

Say you just received an email from a prospective client in need of business cards. Fantastic! You’re all set and ready to send them a contract…when you realize it will take just as much time as doing the actual work. Cue the crisis: should you work without a contract? Should you draft one up anyway? It’s a tricky situation.

Whether it’s a $2,000 logo or a $20,000 web site, investing time and money on a service agreement is completely worthwhile.


It gives both parties an idea of how the relationship will be framed.

It protects you in case the relationship breaks down.

It’s what distinguishes amateurs from professionals. You’re on the right side of that fence, aren’t you?

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