Blogging is one of the best marketing tactics you could use to drive traffic and potential clients to your website.
This article outlines perfectly all the benefits of blogging a freelancer could get.
I couldn’t agree more!
Starting my own blog was one of the smartest moves I made in my career. Maybe you should try it too!

Your blog should . . . explain why people need to hire you

How might a client benefit from hiring you over figuring it out on their own? If you’re a web designer, people may have considered investing in re-design, but aren’t 100 percent clear on the services available or exactly what they need. Explaining these in detail within a blog post can pique the interest of multiple people at once instead of relaying the information via phone or email one person at a time.

Position you as an expert

Creating content can make you the go-to person in your industry; especially if blogging isn’t very popular with your peers.

Luckily, blogging can be your best and cheapest marketing tool. Advertisements run for a specific length of time, but blog posts are timeless. They can be shared over and over bringing in new readers every single day – I’m still getting traffic from posts I published years ago!


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