For most of us, clients that pay us well but drain our energy are not exactly our “dream clients”.
If you want to enjoy your time at work, finding clients that you’re happy to work with is extremely important.
It’s not as difficult as it seems. Read this article and follow the tips.

Know thyself

You can’t know if a potential client is a good fit if you don’t have anything to fit them with! Take a look within yourself to determine your strengths and weaknesses not only as a freelancer but also as a person.

Based on your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as your existing clientele, determine which characteristics are most important to you.

  • Which traits are you willing to compromise on and which are rigid boundaries?
  • How would your ‘perfect’ client behave?
  • How would they approach confrontation or a misunderstanding?

Don’t ignore your gut feelings

Are you getting a good vibe or a bad one? Listen to your intuition – it’s probably right. (Nerves are okay – even veterans feel anxious, especially on projects that push the limits of your expertise.)

If you find that you have to talk yourself into a project, it’s probably not for you.

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