According to statistics, during 2016 daily social media usage of global internet users amounted to 118 minutes per day.
Undoubtedly, your social media presence is one of the most important keys to promote your business successfully.
This article will give you some tips to use the powerful tools of social networking effectively.

Establish Social Pages on Relevant Platforms

There are thousands of social platforms available to internet users. However, no matter what type of books you write or the kinds of people your target audience is made up of, if you have accounts at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you’ll very likely have access to at least 95% of them.

Utilize Customer Feedback for Future Projects

When it comes to finding out exactly what your readers want, how often they want it and how they want it delivered, there’s no better way than by asking them directly.

Access to your fans and their thoughts is one of the ultimate advantages of establishing, maintaining and growing your brand through social media channels.


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