A topic often discussed among freelancers.
Should you specialize in one thing or you need to be skilled in many things to land more clients?

Well, you can do both.
All you have to do is follow the right strategy that will help you stand out.
Read this article’s interesting approach to find out how.

Will we fair better if we specialise in one or fewer things, thus raising our value at that thing, or do we embrace the variety and become skilled at many things so that we meet more need?

My answer is that it is both. But with a twist.

It’s less about what you can do and all about how you present and market your skills.

You’d present this speciality as a primary focus on your site and in the way you communicate with people, but I’d say you can still show other items in your portfolio on other pages and through other links on your site if you wanted to.

Being a specialist makes it much easier to dominate – to rise up – in a certain corner of the market, and become really well known for that area of expertise.


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