Social media platforms offer some great opportunities to freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to  promote their business by reaching out to thousands of prospective clients.
There are some common pitfalls however, a lot of business owners couldn’t avoid.
This article is pointing out what you shouldn’t post or write about, if you don’t want to harm your business.

It is wise to ask yourself 3 questions:

1. Am I implying anything about my customers, and if I am, can that be taken negatively?

2. Is any slang involved in this post, and if so, is it directed toward any person or a group of persons? And do I even know what this slang means?

3. Is there any way at all that my post can be interpreted as prejudice toward someone?

Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, but it may be best not to share it if it could ruin your business reputation with potential clients or customers.

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