December 2016

6 Ways Overwork Harms Your Freelance Business

Being a solopreneur, you often have to handle everything on your own. Sometimes this can be exhausting!  Overwork won’t only harm your health but your business as well. If you’re a workaholic, take a break and read this article! We… Continue Reading →

25 Ways You are Failing at Promoting Yourself and Your Freelance Work

This insightful article outlines in a simple and understandable way the basic marketing and promoting strategies used today. Selling your services or products has changed over the years and you have to adapt if you want to see results. It… Continue Reading →

6 Signs it’s Time to Raise Your Freelance Rates

You may despise negotiating, but revising and raising your freelance rates is part of your business. So, if it’s been ages since the last time you increased your rates, although you’ve gained experience and you are in demand, new year… Continue Reading →

Can Introverts Become Uber-Successful Freelancers?

Absolutely! In fact, you’ll find a lot of introverts among the most successful online business owners. Although many people are ambiverts, that means they display characteristics of both introversion and extroversion, even a 100% introvert freelancer has a lot of… Continue Reading →

How to Be Crazy-Productive While Freelancing From Home

I strongly believe that you can be extremely creative and productive while working from home. It happened to me. For many years now I work mostly from home. I have transformed my home’s attic to a cozy and welcoming studio…. Continue Reading →

Should Freelancers List Their Prices on Their Website?

A hot topic often discussed among freelancers. Is there a “right” decision and a successful strategy to follow? Could listing your prices scare away potential clients or attract the wrong ones? This extremely helpful article will answer all your questions,… Continue Reading →

Starting An Online Freelance Business: 5 Things You Need to Know for Guaranteed Success

Many freelancers make money online. And many others don’t. If you think that setting up your website and wait is all you need to attract clients that will pay for your services, you’ll be disappointed. Before starting an online business,… Continue Reading →

Why “Charge What You’re Worth” is Terrible Advice for Freelancers

You hear it and read it all the time: “charge what you’re worth.” It has become a slogan among freelancers and a lot of blog posts will advise you to increase your rates. Only, they haven’t seen your work and… Continue Reading →

20 Unexplored Places to Find Freelance Work Online

The most common question young freelancers ask in Facebook groups is: “Where can I find clients?” or “How will clients discover me?” This guide will really help you to explore freelance opportunities online – and find out what your competitors… Continue Reading →

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