When somebody hears I’m an interior designer, I get bombarded with all sorts of questions.
Most people don’t really want to remodel or redecorate their place, but they’d be truly glad to have an expert’s advice on how to solve a problem or what’s the perfect color choice for their walls.

Well, they can, but not for free!

This article offers a solution and an opportunity to turn this conversations into a revenue stream.
Even if they don’t hire you, they’ll get the message that an expert’s advice costs.

A Win For You and Your Clients

There are multiple benefits to proposing Advisory Services to people who want advice.

1.Offers an attractive low-cost option.

2.Avoids the “take it or leave it”.

3.Doesn’t require you to do the work.

Avoiding an Awkward Conversation

Framing the conversation around the Advisory Services option takes a lot of the pressure off you in the conversation. It communicates that “this is the way I always work,” and establishes Advisory Services as a commonplace thing.

Most importantly, it helps you avoid the awkwardness of having to say, “I can’t tell you unless you pay me.”



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