This inspiring article describes very clearly what most people, articles or ads forget to tell us.
No matter what you’re trying to master, it won’t happen overnight.
You need to work hard and stay motivated.
If you feel you’re struggling without great results, you must read this post.

Modern Culture Is Aligned Against Mastery

You even see it in movies and TV shows. “Life” is depicted as an endless series of exciting moments. Our hero gets beat up, closes a huge deal at work, then gets the girl – all in a matter of minutes. After a cool training montage, Rocky emerges as a world-class boxer. It’s just climax after climax.

We don’t see what happens behind the scenes – the countless hours of work and sweat that goes into making those big moments possible. No one wants to watch the boring parts!

So many “magic bullets” promise quick, linear results. Take this pill, get that result.

The true path to mastery, however, is much messier than that. Everything is confusing when we dive into a new skill, but it doesn’t take long before we start seeing results. Things get tougher when we’ve been at it for a while, when progress seems to slow to a standstill.

Practicing your skills mindfully is great, but it might not be enough to reach the next level. To do that, you must be willing to challenge yourself and try new things – even if that means slipping back for a short while.

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