Although it’s not a good idea to work for free, sometimes it can lead to great opportunities.
If you are just starting out, speaking to a conference or writing a guest post for an established blog might be your chance to reach out to a broader audience – and future clients.
The following article can help you decide whether it’s worth the effort and time or not.

1. Go in with a plan.

If someone offers to have you do something at a special event or wants you to donate your time to their cause without an obvious benefit to you, talk to the person to get more details about the opportunity first. After you receive more information, think about how this could potentially benefit you. Then decide if it is worth it.

If you’re asked to speak at a conference with the promise of exposure or other potential opportunities like networking, weigh the costs against what you can get out of it. If there’s a promise that opportunities can arise, but travel and airfare are on your dime, you’ll have to think it through.


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