This sounds like fun!
A podcast, a workbook and 5 steps to follow.
If goal setting seems boring to you, especially during holidays, I think you’ll enjoy this approach.
It applies to both personal and  professional goals!

1.Start by going really big. Set a timer for 15 min and see what comes out at the biggest level of your dreams for this year. This is big, possibly embarrassing stuff; write it down anyways! “Write a book,” “appear on television,” “find a partner.”

3. What are you going to say “No” to, what are you going to say “Yes!” to? What did I say yes to last year that really isn’t helping me? Might be a project, a role at your job, a friendship… Does it feel right to say No to that instead?



Listen to the podcast and read the post here: The Sparkline by Fizzle