I couldn’t agree more with every word of this insightful and inspiring article.
“When an idea scares you – you’ve got a winner”. I totally relate!
You should definitely read this great post to get inspired – even if you’re not feeling stuck.

Working with many creatives over the years, I’ve found that people get stuck for two reasons. And that’s because, in the back of their mind…

1. They have an idea that’s SO big, they think it’s pointless to even try
2. They have an idea SO small, they think it’s pointless to try

I’ve rarely met someone who just doesn’t know what to do, because 9 times out of 10 “I don’t know” means “I’m rejecting the ideas I currently have.” 

There’s no failure when you’re taking action on ideas. There’s only one idea leading you to another… and another… and another.

Some come to you so you can really WIN and grow your business. Others come to you just to bring you to the next idea… so you can win and grow your business.


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