Some great advice on what you really need to run an online business, from an expert on blogging, Ramsay Taplin.
The good news is you can start small working from home with the essential tech required and gradually invest more on expensive equipment and online tools.
No need to wait and procrastinate.

When you’re looking at buying something new for work, have a long think about whether it is truly necessary/beneficial for making money, or whether you’ve been tricked by a clever advert that doesn’t perhaps have your best interests at heart.

1. A reliable Laptop or PC (not a phone or tablet)

Importance: Critical Price: Medium to Expensive Timing: From day one

A reliable laptop or PC is vital if you want to run an online business. Of course, you don’t need to have a $3,000 MacBook Pro to run a blog, but you might need some good processing power if you are doing tasks that require a lot of juice like video editing, gaming, etc.


2. Reliable Internet, router, and mobile plan

Importance: High Price: Medium Timing: From day one

The next thing on my list might not seem that important to most people, but it is a part of my work that I have wrestled with for years. I’ve lumped a few things together as they all relate to web connectivity.

If you travel a lot you will also want the ability to tether your phone’s data as public WiFi is inherently insecure and shouldn’t be used. You’ll want to shop around and get a good plan that gives you lots of downloads and coverage areas. This can increase the cost.

5. Photo editing software

Importance: High Price: Cheap to medium Timing: As soon as you can

Photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Pixelmator are an extremely important addition to any online business. Re-sizing photos for your posts, adding logos, manipulating graphic, and even drawing on screenshots to show coders are all regular tasks that you’ll have to do.


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