I remember a discussion started on LinkedIn by a graphic designer that she felt she was too old to compete with young and fresh talents.
In my opinion, it’s not an aging issue, it’s rather a mentality and attitude issue.
I’ve met a few young professionals that are more “aged”, conservative and unwilling to adapt and evolve, than some really older ones.
If you are concerned about getting older and how that impacts on your career, read this article.

Old or young, it’s hard to notice a person’s age via email or telephone. As a result, it’s difficult for clients to judge you based on your age like they may in an office setting. Lucy Beebe Tobias, a retired journalist in Florida who still freelances as a travel writer, appreciates that distance.

Robyn Davis Sekula, a 44-year-old freelance writer and social media consultant in Kentucky, said that if you are dismissive of social media and new trends in writing, “you are prematurely aging yourself.”

“You’re also sending a signal to your clients that you’re not interested in learning new skills, and that you’re not curious about new ways that people communicate.”

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