A really useful post for freelancers who can’t afford to hire an expert for their brand design.
If you follow the 8 basic rules outlined in the following article and keep it simple, you will at least avoid some common mistakes that might sabotage your business.

2. Refine your unique value proposition as you go

Your unique value proposition defines how your way of serving your clients is different from other similar service providers on the market. It’s the essence of your brand story. It’s your mission summed up in one simple sentence that you can use to describe what you do to a person sitting next to you on the bus.


3. Stick to a simple typographic logo

During my career I saw logos created by engineers, lawyers, developers, writers, restaurant owners and visual artists. In 99% of the cases they were pretty bad, because they were trying too hard.


People notice consistency

Even if some of them don’t consciously think about it, it works on a subconscious level. But the people that do think about it will tell you. I hear stories from my clients all the time how their clients and prospects comment on their brand and refer to their marketing materials as something that impressed them.


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