When you’re in panic it’s almost impossible to think clearly. Making the wrong decision however, may cost you more than the actual disaster that hit your business.
Try to stay calm, take your time and react with a plan.
Follow this article’s instructions for better results.

1. Getting behind schedule on an important deadline.

“Deadline” has an intimidating sound to it, and the prospect of missing one can throw you into a panic. Let’s say you’re preparing for the initial launch of your online store, and you’ve set up everything (ads, initial customers and order-processing staff) to get ready for a certain date. Your developer, however, tells you that at least another week is needed.

4. Seeing a process fail.

As the visionary responsible for your business’ creation, you’ll typically regard your operations plans as flawless. After all, had you thought them flawed, you would have already corrected them. Then, when one of those processes does fail, you see this outcome as a reflection of the business as a whole.


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