Every freelancer had some bad experiences with those types of clients.
The more experienced you get the easiest it becomes to recognize immediately the red flags and decide whether you should work for some clients or not.
Or how to handle them successfully, without losing money or your patience.
This article gives useful advice on how to spot early and weed out prospects who are going to waste your time and energy.

I’ve pitched quotes and then heard radio silence. I’ve put hours of prep into a project to have them change their mind halfway through. And, I’ve finished a project and spent days debating the final price.

This should sound familiar to many of you.


“We’d love to hire you for this project, but can only spend [insert insultingly small figure here]”

Have you ever been approached by a prospect and had them ask you to do an incredible amount of work for an insultingly small price?

If the first thing a client says to you is that their budget is small, chances are they don’t value what you’d be bringing to the table in the first place.


“Take your time! There’s no deadline on this…”

Though this may sound like the least stressful design client, it can actually end up being one of the worst.

This type of client may love the work you do all along the way, and not put pressure on you to get it done in any particular timeframe.



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