In a competitive market, doing what everybody else is doing won’t help you stand out.
Being different and unique and offering something other freelancers usually don’t is a smart way to land amazing clients.
This article will give you some great ideas that bring results.

1. Focus on serving a tiny sub-market

Particularly for creatives who provide a service rather than a physical product, a lot of effort is used up on trying to please too wide an audience. Things get so much easier when you really whittle down who it is you are serving to a smaller, laser-defined group of people. Your motivation for reaching out to these guys will go up too.

4. Have a blog/podcast/feed that speaks directly to your market segment

Few of us consider blogs or these other forms of ‘drip-feed’ communication as a way to directly bring real value to those who’ve been identified as potential clients. If you can create a tighter readership on a topic that is directed to those who are likely to want to work with you, rather than shotgunning a range of people outside of your target, this can be huge for you.

5. Do in-depth market research

Market research can be more in-depth and reveal so much more about who your market actually are, where they are, what they need, how much they can afford, what their biggest problems and fears are, and so on.

Take an interest in the psychology of people too and you’ll be able to see what things flick our switches. View it as an investigation.

7. Keep an entire day free to focus on one thing

It’s a rare thing to drop everything and dedicate a full day or more to making or working on something truly exceptional.

For one day or more, make a firm decision to cut out distraction and put everything into something, whether that be creating an outstanding portfolio-piece, or putting aside a day to learn about something specific and important for your craft.



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