December 2016

3 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Consider Freelancing in Her Lifetime

While being your own boss has many advantages for both male and female freelancers, women have more reasons to jump into freelancing. This article gives you 3 good reasons to start thinking about it. Equal pay is a major one… Continue Reading →

The Secret to Finding Freelance Clients you Actually Want to Work with

For most of us, clients that pay us well but drain our energy are not exactly our “dream clients”. If you want to enjoy your time at work, finding clients that you’re happy to work with is extremely important. It’s… Continue Reading →

11 Things (Most Other Freelancers Never Do) to Win Amazing Clients

In a competitive market, doing what everybody else is doing won’t help you stand out. Being different and unique and offering something other freelancers usually don’t is a smart way to land amazing clients. This article will give you some… Continue Reading →

Dealing with a Problem Client as a Freelancer

If you often have to deal with demanding clients, you’ ll find some helpful tips in the following article. Unfortunately, clients that give you a hard time won’t disappear instantly. There are smart ways however, to make the experience smoother… Continue Reading →

How to Master Any Skill: A Practical Guide for Freelancers

This inspiring article describes very clearly what most people, articles or ads forget to tell us. No matter what you’re trying to master, it won’t happen overnight. You need to work hard and stay motivated. If you feel you’re struggling… Continue Reading →

Why Blogging Is a Non-Negotiable If You Run a Service-Based Freelance Business

Blogging is one of the best marketing tactics you could use to drive traffic and potential clients to your website. This article outlines perfectly all the benefits of blogging a freelancer could get. I couldn’t agree more! Starting my own… Continue Reading →

Branding Your Freelance Business for Non-Designers

A really useful post for freelancers who can’t afford to hire an expert for their brand design. If you follow the 8 basic rules outlined in the following article and keep it simple, you will at least avoid some common… Continue Reading →

How to Determine if Free Freelance Work or a Lower Rate is Worth it

Although it’s not a good idea to work for free, sometimes it can lead to great opportunities. If you are just starting out, speaking to a conference or writing a guest post for an established blog might be your chance… Continue Reading →

What to Do When You Can’t Finish a Freelance Project on Time

As a professional, following through on promises in a timely manner is extremely important, as this demonstrates reliability. But even the most reliable professionals can find themselves once in a while in the uncomfortable situation of being unable to deliver… Continue Reading →

Goal Setting Sucks! Here’s A New 5-Step Approach (not only for Freelancers)

This sounds like fun! A podcast, a workbook and 5 steps to follow. If goal setting seems boring to you, especially during holidays, I think you’ll enjoy this approach. It applies to both personal and  professional goals! 1.Start by going… Continue Reading →

Should Creative Freelancers Be Masters of Many or Masters of One Thing?

A topic often discussed among freelancers. Should you specialize in one thing or you need to be skilled in many things to land more clients? Well, you can do both. All you have to do is follow the right strategy… Continue Reading →

Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Freelance Business

According to statistics, during 2016 daily social media usage of global internet users amounted to 118 minutes per day. Undoubtedly, your social media presence is one of the most important keys to promote your business successfully. This article will give… Continue Reading →

10 Website Fails Freelancers Are Making

A huge mistake a lot of professionals and business owners make: they expect too much from their (poor designed) website. They think that all they have to do is set it up and then it will automatically start selling their… Continue Reading →

How to Turn “Can I Pick Your Brain?” into a Profitable Freelance Business

When somebody hears I’m an interior designer, I get bombarded with all sorts of questions. Most people don’t really want to remodel or redecorate their place, but they’d be truly glad to have an expert’s advice on how to solve… Continue Reading →

3 Simple Mindshifts That Help You Make More as A Freelancer

Every time I have a conversation with freelancers who complain about losing money and feeling underpaid, I notice that they have a false mindset. Deep inside they think they don’t deserve a decent fee – this is why they don’t… Continue Reading →

Educate Your Freelance Clients to Dominate Your Competition

Educating people is the smartest way to turn them into future clients. Actually, this is the reason blogging is so popular. It’s one of the most successful marketing tactics, that most companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers are taking advantage of. In… Continue Reading →

How To Prepare Your Freelancing Business For The New Year

Are you prepared for the new year? Have you written down your goals? This article gives a few recommendations on where to start. It’s entirely up to you however, to realize your dreams or plans and achieve your goals. Just… Continue Reading →

What Not to Say When Promoting your Freelance Business on Social Media

Social media platforms offer some great opportunities to freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to  promote their business by reaching out to thousands of prospective clients. There are some common pitfalls however, a lot of business owners couldn’t avoid. This article… Continue Reading →

6 Reasons Your Freelance Pitch Was Rejected

It happens to the best of us. Especially if you’re new to freelancing, the chances are you often see your proposals rejected, wondering what went wrong, while waiting for a reply that never comes. It’s not always a price issue…. Continue Reading →

How Much Money Should Freelancers Spend On Client Gifts During The Holidays?

December holidays is a great opportunity to thank your clients and show them that you’re feeling grateful. But, which is the best way to do it? Should you send just a holiday card or buy an expensive present? Should you… Continue Reading →

Feeling “Stuck” in Your Freelance Business? Here’s What you Do, Right Now

I couldn’t agree more with every word of this insightful and inspiring article. “When an idea scares you – you’ve got a winner”. I totally relate! You should definitely read this great post to get inspired – even if you’re… Continue Reading →

5 Scenarios Where Panic Can Destroy Your Freelance Business

When you’re in panic it’s almost impossible to think clearly. Making the wrong decision however, may cost you more than the actual disaster that hit your business. Try to stay calm, take your time and react with a plan. Follow… Continue Reading →

Should Freelancers be Facebook Friends with Clients?

A common dilemma freelancers face nowadays. This article describes the pros and cons of accepting a client’s friend request. You have to keep in mind however, that most of the things you reveal on web are now easily accessible by… Continue Reading →

Can Aging Kill Your Freelance Career?

I remember a discussion started on LinkedIn by a graphic designer that she felt she was too old to compete with young and fresh talents. In my opinion, it’s not an aging issue, it’s rather a mentality and attitude issue…. Continue Reading →

4 Types of Clients that Will Drag You (and Your Freelance Business) Down with Them

Every freelancer had some bad experiences with those types of clients. The more experienced you get the easiest it becomes to recognize immediately the red flags and decide whether you should work for some clients or not. Or how to… Continue Reading →

Debunked: What Tech Do Freelancers Really Need to Run an Online Business?

Some great advice on what you really need to run an online business, from an expert on blogging, Ramsay Taplin. The good news is you can start small working from home with the essential tech required and gradually invest more… Continue Reading →

Why Do Businesses (and Freelancers) Succeed?

Who would give you better advice than smart and successful people? In this inspiring article, you’ll read the opinions of 10 famous personalities on why business and people succeed. You’ve probably heard all that before, but have you applied them?… Continue Reading →

Why Freelancers Should Always Have a Contract – Even for Small Jobs

When dealing with customers, most problems occur because of misunderstandings. Although we all know written contracts are necessary, it seems that a lot of freelancers and business owners start working without having signed an agreement. This article outlines the benefits… Continue Reading →

How to Use ‘Success Triggers’ to Nail your Freelance Proposals

Sending proposals is among the most boring and time consuming, yet necessary tasks in a freelancer’s daily routine. Well written proposals can increase your chances of landing new clients. This step-by step-guide will help you multiply your results while saving… Continue Reading →

4 Steps to Declutter Your Digital Life and Get More Freelance Work Done

According to neuroscientists physical clutter in your surroundings decreases performance and increases stress. Digital clutter can also have a negative impact on your ability to focus and perform creative tasks. If the first thing you see every time you turn… Continue Reading →

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