How do you price your services?
This is a difficult question for most freelancers.
What has psychology got to do with it?
This article talks about choices or options and how to use them to sell your services successfully.
Remember, no choice is as bad as too many choices!

Three year old Kara was throwing a tantrum. She didn’t want to go to bed, of that she was certain.

“Do you want to brush with the red or blue toothpaste?” her dad asked gently.

“Blue,” she says, glad to be given the opportunity to make a decision.

Ten minutes later, Kara was well tucked up, wondering when she’d agreed to go to bed in the first place.

You laugh at the story, don’t you?

The method used to get Kara into bed seems a bit like trickery. And who am I to say that it’s not? Yet I want you to pay attention to one thing. Kara was glad to be given a choice between yes and yes.

Clients come to you every single day asking you to give them a choice. A choice between yes and yes. Instead all you’re giving them is a choice between yes and no.

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