November 2016

Pricing Psychology for Freelancers: The Choice between Yes and Yes

How do you price your services? This is a difficult question for most freelancers. What has psychology got to do with it? This article talks about choices or options and how to use them to sell your services successfully. Remember,… Continue Reading →

Prove It! 6 Persuasive Techniques to Convince Skeptical Freelance Clients

A great article you should read and then apply the techniques mentioned. You need proof to be more convincing. As a creative freelancer, I mostly use #2, #5 and especially #6, which has the most amazing results. The before-and-after photos… Continue Reading →

This Branding Mistake is Costing Freelancers & Agencies Tons of Clients

The most common mistake, yet a huge one, is to choose the wrong name for your company. If you’re just starting out, you’ll get some precious advice on branding by reading this article. David Tendrich points out the importance of… Continue Reading →

4 Basic Types of Late-Paying Freelance Clients and How to Handle Them

It’s frustrating to work hard and don’t get paid. You’ll find this article very helpful, if you often have to deal with clients who don’t pay you on time or don’t pay you at all! Most of the time it’s… Continue Reading →

Is Promoting your Freelance Work Desperate?

What if you do great work, but nobody knows it? You’ll probably have a difficult time as a freelancer and solopreneur if you cannot sell your services. This article explains why learning to promote your work is a necessity and… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons to Start Freelancing and Never Take Another Job

A very inspiring article that you definitely have to read if you feel you’re not ready yet to take this essential step and become your own boss. As Corbett Barr, Cofounder and CEO of Fizzle, writes: The perfect day to… Continue Reading →

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