As a freelancer, one of the toughest challenges we face is finding high value clients. These are clients that can see that the work you do will have a specific benefit for their business. This is an excellent article that teaches you how to cast your net appropriately to reel in high value clients and keep them coming back for more.

You have to put effort into valuing clients too.

I have a partnership with a great graphic designer, we work in 2 different areas of the country, both are small town and rural. My designer would bring me a project about once a month saying that they were small, didn’t have much money, this was a rural area, etc, etc. I took that for the truth, built the website, and walked away believing that $500 maybe $1000 was all I was ever going to make.

Then I started reading, learning, and changing my mindset. I started placing value on what I was capable of doing. I started equating the work I did for other businesses as producing value for them too. I doubled what I charged, then doubled it again, and businesses are still saying yes.

I didn’t just double my rates though, I approached every potential project a little bit differently. I started to value my clients. I had to change my beliefs about them too. I had to get rid of my assumptions that because they were expecting a $1000 website that they didn’t understand the value that my partner and I could bring. I had to stop assuming that because they wanted to pay $1000 it didn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t pay $15,000.

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