There are many different methods to win client loyalty. This is an excellent article that highlights a specific way to keep your clients coming back: Random acts of Kindness.

Acting on an Observed Need

Often the best thing a business can do is to pay attention. Through conversations with customers, you may hear something small that you can act on. calls its customer support agents its “WOW team,” which serves as a reminder that they should always look for opportunities to wow customers with “random acts of customer service.” Whether interactions are in person, by phone, or online, service agents should be trained to find ways to do little extras.’s employees watch for opportunities to provide extra services to its customers, which in turn helps the company build long-term partnerships.

Being Kind to Staff

Good customer service usually comes from the employees who interact with those customers most. Whether you’re just starting out with a small team of one or two or you’ve grown to a multi-person service desk, it’s important to create a positive company culture. When morale is high, it shows in customer interactions. You’ll also be able to retain your top workers and attract new ones. One example of an employer going above and beyond was Jimmy Fallon’s decision to buy his entire staff flowers on Valentine’s Day when he noticed no one had received anything.

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