It’s hard working from home as a freelancing parent trying to balance the demands of freelancing while taking care of your kids. This is an excellent article that offers great tips on how to maintain balance.

Have Them Sit With You

Sometimes, it’s not that my kids want me to dance with them or interact heavily with them; they just want to be with me. So, sometimes I’ll set up an activity for them to do next to me at the kitchen table. I sit with my computer, and I’ll give them some paper and crayons to play with. Sometimes I bring them a book, and sometimes none of that works and one of them ends up sitting on my lap while I type. It’s not a perfect situation but when push comes to shove and you have to work, letting them be close to you is all they really want.

Keep Special Toys for Your Work Time

Another idea is to purchase a toy to give them to play with specifically when you need to work. This would be a toy that they don’t normally have out. You could even get them a small toy laptop to mimic you while you work. I’ve seen many of these toys that teach valuable skills like the alphabet and sight words to children as young as three years old.

Because they won’t be used to playing with whatever toy you choose, this will be an exciting time for them and it will keep them occupied more so than handing them a bag full of legos that they play with every single day.

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