This is an excellent article that highlights five unconventional marketing tips to help you catapult your freelance marketing efforts starting today.

1. Don’t Keep Up with the Competition

Come again? When you run a business, you’re constantly required to keep an eye on the competition. However, Rivét says not to allow it to consume you. “You need to quit worrying so much about your competition’s marketing, and focus more on what works for your customers,” says Rivét.

Have you ever felt the fear of missing out? If you’ve ever experienced it in your personal life, you’ve likely felt it as a business owner as well. For instance, you may fancy a competitor’s social media efforts so much that you question your own marketing game, desiring for change. Rivét cautions against cluttering your strategy with social media accounts that don’t bring in any value. “You have to ask yourself: Are you doing it to keep up or does it actually help your business?”

One of Rivét’s strategies is to focus on digging deep into one practice and not spreading yourself too thin. “I suggest hand picking one-to-three marketing channels that are proven to work for your audience, and work to excel in both those areas.” For example, if you’re in the construction industry, you likely don’t need to be on social apps like SnapChat and Twitter. “Twitter’s been around 10 years now but it remains a niche social network. Between 16 and 19 per cent of Canadians use it, and even then it’s sparingly, but it’s hyped up in the media which makes it seem more important than it is. For most small businesses, your time is better spent picking up the phone to engage with customers than tweeting.”

If social media doesn’t align with your customer base, find other ways to reach your community. Get involved in an industry association, join a board or speak at community events instead. “Focus on the places where your audience is hanging out. That should always lead what you’re doing, rather than being influenced by the hype.”

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