This is an excellent article that highlights seven things to expect from freelancing remotely.

Meetings can be helpful

I’m from the generation that happily prefers online chat over other means of communication, so this one might come in as a surprise, but remote work made me realize that calls and meetings can be, in fact, productive sometimes.

Online chats tend to make our communication brief and concise, which is generally good, but a lot of details may slip. Calls make people chattier so you get to know the bigger picture and exchange ideas easier. And however digital our age is, personal meetings are still the best way to grow relationships. An honest handshake, a direct look into someone’s eyes or a situation joke help you build a unique bond and those just can’t be emulated online.

It’s all a very nice bubble, but a bubble nonetheless

Many people from “outside” won’t understand very well what you’re doing or how is it possible that you don’t work in an office. Over time you get used to doing a lot of explaining ― to your family, friends, potential clients… it might take time for them to really get your work, and some may not get it at all.

Being constantly from head to toes in the remote community makes you think that everyone understands where you’re coming from and that things that are normal for you are normal for everyone. Think ability to work without a boss in the same room, collaborating exclusively online, planning your own work schedule, etc.

It’s important to keep in mind that our work realm coexists with other work realms and remind ourselves to be more down to earth. 

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