Social media marketing is a very important part of your freelance marketing strategy. This is a great article that covers what you need to know to avoid making the worst mistakes.

Posting All the Time

Sometimes less really is more. You don’t need to post all the time, even if it isn’t all your stuff. It’s important to carefully consider each thing you post. Your social media marketing strategy should include thoughtful content that makes sense to your audience. You don’t need to spam the feed or post all the time. Focus your approach and post accordingly.

Removing Negative Comments

It seems like a no-brainer: if someone says something critical of you in a Facebook comment or elsewhere on social media, you should try to remove the comment if you can. However, this isn’t the case. If it’s a legitimate criticism or a negative review, you can respond professionally. Let it stand. You don’t want to tolerate vulgarity, profanity, or personal attacks on other members of the community, but removing all negative comments is a short road to a social media marketing disaster as people accuse you of censorship and ignoring them. You can use it as a way to hopefully overcome your poor online reputation.

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