A wonderful way to generate buzz in your freelance business is to partner successfully with other business owners. This article covers a few ways to do just that.

1. Promote Each Other on Social Media

Promoting other businesses on social media is easy and simple. There are many different programs that you can use to schedule your social media updates. So, all you need to do is agree with another business owner to promote each other a few times a week. They might share your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter and you might mention them in the description of your latest YouTube video. Whatever it is, promoting each other can be a helpful way to grow your business and form a valuable relationship with another business owner in the process.

2. Hold a Joint Event

Events are a great way to generate buzz in your business. It can be as small as having a coffee shop gathering to answer questions from potential clients and as big as renting out a large space and inviting speakers and hiring caters. If you parter with another business owner in creating an event you not only get someone to help pay for the event but you can also give your guests two business owners who can help them with various problems. Events can also bring valuable PR from local media, especially if proceeds go to charity. Your business names could be mentioned online on in your local paper, which can bring in even more business.

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