September 2016

Want to Win Customer Loyalty with Your Freelance Clients? Try Random Acts of Kindness 

There are many different methods to win client loyalty. This is an excellent article that highlights a specific way to keep your clients coming back: Random acts of Kindness. Acting on an Observed Need Often the best thing a business… Continue Reading →

Tricks for Entertaining Kids While You Freelance From Home 

  It’s hard working from home as a freelancing parent trying to balance the demands of freelancing while taking care of your kids. This is an excellent article that offers great tips on how to maintain balance. Have Them Sit… Continue Reading →

25 of The Fastest Growing Freelance Skills 

People more than ever are joining the out-of-the-box career path to become freelancers. Here are the top 25 freelance skills that will aide in direction if you’re interested in becoming a freelancer. 4. English proofreading A proofreader simply reads copy and… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Partner Successfully With Other Freelance Business Owners

  A wonderful way to generate buzz in your freelance business is to partner successfully with other business owners. This article covers a few ways to do just that. 1. Promote Each Other on Social Media Promoting other businesses on social… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Add Consulting Services to Your Freelance Business

Have you ever wondered whether you should add consulting services to your freelance business or not? This is an excellent article that covers some of the benefits. How to Add Consulting Services to Your Business Once I’ve explained the advantages… Continue Reading →

50 Freelance Business Ideas to Actually Make Money From

Are you a freelancer or soon-to-be freelancer that’s short on ideas? If so, today is your lucky day because this wonderful article list a HUGE list of fifty business ideas that freelancers can use to start making money right away…. Continue Reading →

Break Tradition: 5 Unconventional Marketing Tips To Grow Your Freeance Business

This is an excellent article that highlights five unconventional marketing tips to help you catapult your freelance marketing efforts starting today. 1. Don’t Keep Up with the Competition Come again? When you run a business, you’re constantly required to keep… Continue Reading →

5 Social Media Freelancer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media marketing is a very important part of your freelance marketing strategy. This is a great article that covers what you need to know to avoid making the worst mistakes. Posting All the Time Sometimes less really is more…. Continue Reading →

Science Says Freelancers Need to Get More Sleep (If You Want to Be Happy and Successful)

If you want to be a happy and successful freelancer, this article reveals: science says you should get all the sleep your brain needs. When you don’t get enough sleep, do you feel the effects your entire next day? Do… Continue Reading →

7 Things I Didn’t Expect To Learn While Freelancing Remotely

This is an excellent article that highlights seven things to expect from freelancing remotely. Meetings can be helpful I’m from the generation that happily prefers online chat over other means of communication, so this one might come in as a… Continue Reading →

How to Build Freelance Business Bestie Relationships 

This is an excellent article that teaches you how to not only build a business bestie relationship but also how to maintain a successful relationship as well. WE DIVE DEEP INTO TOPICS Business besties can’t be shy about the details…. Continue Reading →

What Exactly is a High Value Freelance Client?

As a freelancer, one of the toughest challenges we face is finding high value clients. These are clients that can see that the work you do will have a specific benefit for their business. This is an excellent article that teaches… Continue Reading →

Simple Ways to Get Energized to Have a Successful Freelance Work Day

If you’re a freelancer that wants to feel more organized and have a more successful work day, this article offers some wonderful tips to help you do just that. Get a Great Night’s Sleep It seems so simple, but it’s… Continue Reading →

How to Juggle The Multiple Parts of Running a Freelance Business

Running a freelance business is not easy at all. The nature of running any business requires Start delegating. One way to get better at juggling the multiple parts of running a business is to start handing stuff off to other… Continue Reading →

3 Common Mistakes Freelancers Make When Building a Business

This is an excellent article that covers three common mistakes that freelancers make when building a business for the first time. Thinking your freelance skill is all you need. One of my colleagues recently said an awesome quote that left… Continue Reading →

7 Books Every Freelancer Should Read to be Inspired

Continuing education play a huge part in your journey as a freelancer. This is a great article that offers a list of seven books every freelancer should read to not only continue your education but to help you grow as… Continue Reading →

How to Turn Freelance Mistakes into Stepping Stones to Success

This is an excellent article that gives you a great example of how you can use your past mistakes to become your best teacher and in turn become a better you. First of all, the upside is unlimited. You benefit directly… Continue Reading →

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