This is an excellent article that helps you to understand that other freelancers are not your competition – in fact we should embrace each other in comradery.

I used to be afraid to go to other designer and consultant websites. Terrified that I would find content way better, smarter, and faster. Sure I‘d want to go crawl under a rock when I saw the amount of comments, following, and skills.

small lime arrow-01In other words, I was insecure.

Does it sound familiar?

Human beings by nature are competitive and insecure. There is nothing more intimidating than someone who shows up to a wedding in the same outfit you have on. Comparisons are inevitable and we are always afraid we’ll lose.

But it’s time to stop worrying about the competition to your business in the form of other freelancers. Do you want to know why?

Because what you think is your competition…

is not.

In fact, these other freelancers may be your biggest allies on the web. We’re turning potential business friends and networks into enemies in our head.

The truth is, your competition is…

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Big huge corporate companies like Parenting, Time, ABC, etc.
  • Apple’s latest gadget
  • Social media time sucks like Facebook and Twitter

Time & money are your biggest obstacles. People have only 24 hours in a day and so much buck in their bank, and there are lots of products and entertainment that have us convinced we NEED it to live. That is where your true competition lies in wait…to steal time & money from people who could be better spent…why…investing in your services!

Source: Create Your Laptop Life