This is an excellent article that offers four valuable tips to use should you find yourself in a tug-of-war match with a negotiating freelance client.

1. Remember that if you use a sliding scale, that your value also needs to “slide” with the price.

This doesn’t mean the quality of your work should be any less – you should simply communicate to the client that you could offer a reduced service at the price that they want. Sometimes you can arrive at an extremely satisfactory agreement for both parties by adjusting what your services offer. The client feels like they got a “deal,” but your talents and time are not de-valued.

2. Offer a modified payment arrangement, where clients can pay less but agree (in writing) to a longer commitment.

For example, if you offer a service for $400 per month and a client wants it for $300 per month, you could agree to their price on the condition that they sign up for a two-year minimum contract instead of the typical one-year contract. This allows clients to moderate their monthly cash flow needs, while you get the benefit of a long-term client that will pay consistently at a level that they can handle.

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