This is an excellent article to peruse if you’ve ever been in a predicament where the topic of issuing a refund to one of your freelance has come up.

If you give back the money, can the customer give back the service?

As freelancers, we are not protected by the same policies and regulations that can cover larger organizations. As a result, it may be easier to “cave” when a customer requests (or demands) their money back. However, if the service was not a concrete item, refunds are difficult to negotiate.

Most freelancers offer their services in the form of time, energy, creativity, and/or expertise. We can’t get these values back. So unless you consign vintage clothing or distribute phone cases or some other physical good, you should consider having an “alternative refund policy” for those situations when customers negotiate the value of your time and talents.

Buyer Beware

As freelancers, the first “attitude adjustment” needed is to remember the phrase “Buyer Beware.” If you think about your own purchasing and consuming experiences, there are very few experiences that are refundable. Customer experiences aren’t always positive, but most do not allow for refunds. From bad meals at restaurants to a missing button on a dry-cleaned shirt, most businesses do not operate on the assumption that their income is dependent on your satisfaction.

However, in order to provide a fair “out” for clients, it’s important to have some kind of guarantee that will provide for extenuating circumstances while protecting your income. Here are a few ideas:

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