August 2016

A 9-Step Guide To Attract Better Freelance Clients

  This is an excellent article that help you avoid difficult clients that crush your creativity and make you second-guess your ability and instead helps you connect with your ideal clients so you can find more of them and have much better success… Continue Reading →

Social Media for Strategy For Freelancers

This is an excellent article that shows the benefits to approaching your social media usage and campaigns with both strategy and organization. CHOOSE ONE TO THREE PLATFORMS IN WHICH YOU CAN REALISTICALLY BE INVOLVED. List them out in order of… Continue Reading →

4 Tips for Using a CRM In Your Freelance Business

This is an excellent article that speaks of the benefits of using a client relationship manager ‘CRM’ by staying on top of prospects, clients and sales in your freelance business. There are multiple client relationship managers on the market –… Continue Reading →

9 Apps Freelancers Should Have in Their Arsenal

With literally hundreds of apps coming out every month it’s pretty hard to know which ones you should take a chance on and ‘download’. This article highlights nine apps that every freelancer should have in their personal arsenal. Mint; Free;… Continue Reading →

Are You Considering Taking On Debt In Your Freelance Business?

Have you considered taking on debt in your freelance business? If so you’re in luck. This is an excellent article that highlights a few things to consider when pondering whether or not it’s a good move. How do you feel about debt?… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Avoid Working with Freelancers Clients Who Don’t Pay

This is a great article that covers 5 tips to avoid clients who don’t pay up, because “nobody got time for that”. Being a freelancer is a busy enough job and removing the payment collector hat suits just fine. There… Continue Reading →

7 Daily Habits of Insanely Productive Freelancers

This is an excellent article that features seven effective habits of productive people.Utilizing these seven tips in your daily life will help you shift into more checks on your to-do list in no time. They Cut the Chitchat If you’re… Continue Reading →

3 Tips to Help You Stay Focused as a Freelancer

Freelancing is an excellent job to have because of its flexible nature. However, because of the flexibility it can be hard to stay focused at times. This is a great article that offers three quick tips to help you stay… Continue Reading →

Are You a Freelancer Who Suffers With Anxiety?

Some anxiety is normal for freelancers, it can be frightening being self employed at times. This is a excellent article that offers a few helpful tips on dealing with freelance anxiety. Realize You’re Not Alone As stated, every freelancer has… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Avoid Cash Flow Problems in your Freelance Business

This is an excellent article that offers four solid ways to solve your freelance cashflow problems. Often times businesses spend much more than they are earning or taking in so they can scale. However, there are plenty of cash flow… Continue Reading →

Are You Too Old to Become a Freelancer?

Let’s face it age is only a number. There are a few age misconceptions when it comes age and technology. This is an excellent article that explores those misconceptions and introduces the benefits of freelancing at any age. Many freelancing… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated as a Freelancer

This is an excellent article that offers 5 great tips to help you avoid burnout in your freelance business all while staying motivated. 1. Remember WHY You Do It The first step is to remember why you do it. Why do you… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Build Your Freelance Credibility With Your Own Blog

A great way to establish your credibility as a freelancer is to spend time publishing content on your blog. This is an excellent article that offers three things that you can do to get started. Start a podcast. I started… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Automate Your Freelance Business –

Time is our most valued asset – If you’re a freelancer looking to save time business automation is what you need. This is an excellent article that explains five ways to automate your freelance business so you become more efficient… Continue Reading →

Freelancing is The Future

Freelancing is rapidly becoming much more than a career VS a part-time job in the modern world. This is an excellent article that shares quick insight and explains how the future belongs to the freelancer. Shake your Market Maker The “free”… Continue Reading →

How to Boost Your Freelance Social Media Presence When You Don’t Have A Lot of Money

Are you a freelancer that’s wondering how to boost your social media presence without the need to drop thousands of dollars? If so, you’re in luck! This is an excellent article that offers a few great tried and true suggestions… Continue Reading →

4 Work from Home Money Tips for Freelancers

Freelancing from home is an excellent way to be flexible while enjoying your freedom. If you’re a freelancer that ever finds yourself in a financial pinch, this is a great article that offers four money tips for you. Orange is… Continue Reading →

Planning for A Spontaneous Trip Abroad While Freelancing

One of the most joyful things about being a freelancer is being able to be spontaneous with travel plans. This is a great article if you’ve considered taking a random vacation abroad. Make sure you’ve built in support. Many freelancers feel… Continue Reading →

How to Keep Your Energy Up When You Have A Lot of Freelance Work to Do

  Are you drowning in freelance work? If so, this is an excellent article that teaches you how you can keep up your energy levels while getting it all done. What a lot of people don’t talk about is that… Continue Reading →

Freelancing Across Multiple Fields? It’s Possible!

  This is an excellent article that explores the idea of reaching over and freelancing across multiple fields. You don’t want to miss this one. Somehow, what started off as a weird combination of two fields that I pursued due… Continue Reading →

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