Dry spells can be tough when working as a freelancer. This is an excellent article that helps you make the most of your time when working through a freelance dry spell.

Start by Anticipating the Seasonal Low Points

Once you are no longer a new freelancer, you probably know when these times are going to arrive. Plan your finances accordingly, stocking up an emergency fund during your busy season so that your expenses will be covered when there are fewer clients. New freelancers often have an unpleasant wake-up call shortly after their transition from 9-to-5 work to entrepreneurship, and learn the hard way that income is not consistent month to month. Being a freelancer requires long-range vision and skill at managing variable resources. Plan ahead!

Use Those Times to Enhance Your Career and Advance Your Education

If you will not be busy with clients, dry spells are a great time to renew your knowledge by taking a class or going to a conference. Without constant incoming e-mails and calls, your focus will be free to concentrate on acquiring new skills and thinking expansively. You will emerge from your period of professional development with new ideas, more connected creativity, and fresh engines.

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