Are you looking for your next freelance gig or opportunity and don’t know where to look? This is an excellent article that shows you how to tweak your existing social media accounts so you can make the most out of finding freelance gigs via social media.

I love that technology allows me to live a lifestyle that provides a great deal of freedom and flexibility. Ilove the freelance lifestyle, and I’m always open to new gigs. While I haven’t had to apply for a freelance gig in a long time, I do keep my eyes and ears open, and I’m usually willing to see what’s available – and sometimes check with my network to see if something is a possibility.

If you are looking for your next freelance gig, you might be surprised to discover that social media might be a good place to find the right fit. Here are some ways you can use social media to find your next freelance gig:

Join Groups on LinkedIn

In the past, I’ve received job offers from connections on LinkedIn. Someone will see my profile or a connection of a connection will ask for an introduction so that we can do business together. Just having your profile on LinkedIn can be a big help when it comes to allowing others to find and recruit you.

It can also help to join groups, though. If you join freelancer groups related to your specialty, you can participate in discussions, be identified as someone worth knowing (and working with), and likely be top of mind when someone has a project in mind. Your LinkedIn involvement can be a great way to see who’s hiring, connect to people and companies you want to work with, and share your qualifications with potential clients.

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