This is an excellent article that helps freelancers form a strategic plan to command higher fees while convincing clients to pay more by recognizing your own value as a freelancer.

Getting Inside the Client’s Head: How Your Intake Process Influences Your Fee

Before you can charge high rates, you need to present yourself as a professional – and that starts with having a well thought-out intake process.

Suffice it to say that a quick phone conversation simply isn’t enough for you to form a quote. There’s no opportunity to figure out what it is your client really wants (as opposed to what he says he wants) and there’s no chance for you to get inside your client’s head.

That’s why I ask questions that reveal several key things, like:

  • Why is the client coming to me now?
  • How familiar is this client with my work?
  • What preconceived ideas does this client have about copywriters? How do those ideas help/hurt me, and which of them do I need to challenge?
  • What aspect of my branding do I need to play up in order to win this client?

Note that these aren’t necessarily the questions I’ll be directly asking the client – rather, these are the questions I keep in the back of my mind when I’m chatting with the client. Because the more I know about what it is the client really wants, the better equipped I’ll be to provide them with a desirable solution.

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