This is an excellent article that introduces freelancers to the idea of setting up a funnel to help you ‘promote like a pro’. Take a peek it’s worth the read!

Setting up your marketing funnel

You’re about to be pleasantly surprised at how simple a marketing funnel can be.

For this example, we’re going to make a Facebook funnel to your email list.

1. Awareness

Awareness is simply everything you’re already doing to get noticed online. It’s likely social media posts, and that’s great. Alternatively, you can pay for Facebook ads while they’re still relatively cheap ($2/conversion to your email list is a rate that a good ads strategist can get you).

At this point, you just want people to see you around, consistently. They don’t have to click, sign up, or anything. Just see you and begin to recognize you as an expert in your niche.

So let’s say you’re commenting in 5 Facebook groups consistently every day for a week. Just giving advice, not linking to your site or a blog post or pitching your service. Just offering value.

2. Engagement (Interest –> Decision)

Ok now we want them to start liking, clicking, commenting, sharing, etc. On Twitter it might be retweeting you, on Instagram it might be checking out your profile link, on your blog it might be leaving a comment.

For our example, you’ve been commenting in the same 5 Facebook groups for a couple of weeks. People are beginning to notice you and your point of view (because you’re giving advice, not just motivation and platitudes).

Read the entire article here: Mallie Rydzik