This is an excellent article that offers great tips on positioning yourself and aligning your freelance business for success.

Seeing opportunity

There are things that interest you. There are things that every time you run up against them, you think to yourself, “This could be done so much better. Someone should fix this.”

(This is opportunity knocking, folks.)

The questions is, should that someone be you?

Now much of the time, the next thought through your head is, “…But I don’t care enough to fix it.”

And that’s okay.

If you’re not passionate enough to fix it, it’s probably not the right opportunity for you.

Once in a while, you get passionate about it. You say, “I could do this so much better. No one else gets it.”

Those are the opportunities you should really put some thought into. (More on this in a moment.)

Example: Take Reliable PSD. Cofounders David and Lou reached their limit with crappy design-to-code companies. They knew they could “do it right.”

So they put some serious thought into it and built a thriving business focused on providing the excellent customer servicedesigners crave with the high-quality websites they need to satisfy their clients.

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