It can be extremely difficult to make new friends and network when you work from home. This is an excellent article that covers some of the ways freelancers can make new friends who ‘get’ what they do for a living.

Start going to a coworking space.

I love my coworking space. Even if I just go to work there twice a week, it’s worth it for the human interaction. I’ve not just made new friends, I’ve made new friends who actually get what freelancing is about. This is extremely helpful in times when I want to share a win or maybe vent out some frustrations.

Additionally, after working from home for two years, it’s actually really fun to hang out with other human beings around lunch time. I actually really miss this part of working from an office. Having lunch and goofing around with my coworkers was awesome for me, and it was a bit lonely to eat at home every day.

Check out local meetups.

Since freelancing and entrepreneurship are on an upswing, you may have noticed that there are now endless meetups and networking opportunities for creatives and people who work in startups.

Granted, they’ve been around in cities like San Francisco and New York for some time, but it took a little while for them to pop up in the rest of the country (at least this has been my experience in South Florida).

Now that more events are popping up around the country, see if you can actually attend a few and make new friends. For example, I’m usually at a CollabMiami or Blogger Union event once or twice a month. Creative Mornings are also popular and can found across the country,

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