Instagram is an awesome social media platform with tons of eyeballs and great engagement. This article cover four strategies you can use to land freelance gigs using Instagram.

Post content that establishes your expertise.

Before taking Instagram more seriously, I pretty much just used it to take random photos and give some behind-the-scenes of my business. Since listening to a Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast episode all about Instagram, I’ve since learned that I needed to use Instagram as a marketing tool, not just a place to post cool photos.

Here are some of the ways I’ve used Instagram for marketing instead of just taking random pictures:

  • Show behind the scenes. I was already kind of doing this but I’ve become way more intentional. I’ve now taken pictures of myself working on podcasts, attending events or simply taking a break. I’ve also taken pictures of my articles on Inc when they get published.
  • Direct traffic to your blog. Each week, I post an image on Instagram that is related to that week’s blog post on my own website. From there, I direct people to click on the link in my bio. This has lead to a nice boost in traffic and awesome engagement on my posts.
  • Post quotes. Quotes perform very well on Instagram. As soon as I learned this, I started posting images of quotes from my book. I’ve also been making images of famous money quotes.

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