If you’re a freelancer, odds are you are working hard as we speak. If you’re starting to feel the burnout coming – no need to worry this article offers a few great ways to avoid it altogether.

Think Big (If You Love What You Do – It’s More Fun This Way)

Cash is always welcome but most people keep with it because of the satisfaction they get from the challenge. You have built a customer base, maybe even a brand, and have clients asking for you now, instead of the other way around. But the success you’ve had freelancing, and the constant grind of doing the same thing, might get tedious.  If the extra hours you put in at night and on the weekends are starting to bore you to tears and don’t seem worth the effort, don’t quit yet. Instead, maybe now is the time to go bold, and push yourself to the limits freelancing.

Take stock of what you are doing now and what you are capable of, and try to meet an extremely difficult goal. If you average $1,200 dollars each month driving for Uber, try to double that this month by implementing new strategies. If you write article after article for small amounts, try tackling a new and more challenging assignment that pays more. Doing something extremely challenging, or altogether new, can take you out of your comfort zone and be a little frightening. But the uncertainty may be exactly what you need to get your mojo back and keep on freelancing. Maybe you’re simply in a slump because you’re bored. Aiming high will keep boredom away.

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