For freelancers time literally equals money, for the most part. This is an excellent article that highlights seven great ways to better streamline your freelance client management tasks.

Take clients through onboarding

So we’ve talked preparing yourself for new work.

We’ve talked about preparing your business systems for new clients.

Now let’s talk about preparing that client.

Onboarding can take work. I’m pretty sure that as a freelance writer, I actually have it pretty easy. I couldn’t imagine doing the amount of briefing I’ve heard and seen happens with more complicated long-term projects like VA work and design or development.

The best tip for managing it all? Processize it all as much as you can (trademarking “processize it,” btw).

Put as much information as you can figure out how to into tools, apps, etc.

Invite clients to project management tools, shared calendars, shared cloud storage folders, and other ways to share information. Anything you find yourself telling more than one client…”put it in writing.” Create official documents for anything you’re repeating over and over.

This makes it easier for both you and your client to go through everything needed to get started. You can spend time on something else instead of going through the same list of procedures for the billionth time. They can familiarize themselves with that same info on their own time by accessing your onboarding tools.

A really great example is the many onboarding Trello boards out there published as examples. In fact, it’s how I was onboarded as a new hire at Mention, as well.

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