This is an excellent article that teaches freelance service providers six types of blog post to create that will gain the attention of your target client and force them t reach out to you.

Want to know how I got booked out with web design clients months and months in advance?

I didn’t do Facebook ads or webinars, I didn’t promote my services on social media. I didn’t even have an email list.

For almost four years I just blogged my little heart out, sharing tons of tips and advice, and clients came to ME. It worked so well I started referring to my blog as my big marketing machine.

Even though it seems like it sometimes, blogging isn’t just for infopreneurs and influencers. It can actually be a valuable marketing tool if you provide services as well.


  • It’s a great way to boost your site in search engine results
  • Gives potential clients an idea of what it’s like to work with you
  • Builds your authority in your industry
  • And weeds out those clients that won’t be a good match. (OK…pain in the ass, it weeds out the clients that will be a pain in the ass :)

Here are 6 types of blog posts you can add to your content calendar to attract more clients to your website every day.

Check out the types of blog posts here: XO Sarah