This is an excellent article that features six places to find clients in your day-to-day life, low pressure style 😉


No one wants to be that guy on a train or airplane who can’t take a hint when their seatmate isn’t feeling chatty. But if you find yourself next to someone who’s open to conversation, don’t be afraid to slip in a few details about your work or area of expertise. At best, your new buddy will ask for a business card, and at worst, you’ll have gotten some valuable practice talking about your services in a low-key situation.


Everyone gets out of the house now and then to pursue their hobbies, whether it’s hitting up a new yoga class or going to a book signing by a local author. These events are fantastic for meeting people with similar interests, which makes them a natural place to make the sort of connections that turn into new freelance clients. Having something in common makes a sturdy foundation for a new friendship. Most people are more than happy to recommend someone whose company they truly enjoy to their contacts who are looking for freelance help.

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